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Niccolò Lorini

1544 -c. 1617

Niccolò Lorini was born in Florence in 1544 and at a very young age entered the Dominican Order. He first entered the convent of Santa Maria Novella, then in 1580 was nominated prior of San Domenico in Fiesole, and in 1582 was transferred to San Gimignano. He earned the rank of Preacher General of the Order and was appointed lecturer in ecclesiastical history at the University of Florence.

In early November 1612 Lorini declared in a dispute that the doctrine of Copernicus violated Holy Scripture. Lorini's position had no immediate consequences, but two years later, in 1614, following the attack against Galileo by his fellow friar Tommaso Caccini (1574-1648), he sent Cardinal Paolo Camilla Sfrondati of the Congregation of the Index a copy of the Letter to Benedetto Castelli. These machinations against Galileo also had the backing of the Archbishop of Florence, Alessandro Marzimedici. We have no news of Lorini after 1617.